Recent Ordination of Terese Fandel to the Priesthood

Community of the Holy Spirit Ecumenical Catholic Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, announces the recent ordination of Terese Fandel to the priesthood. Reverend Terese worked for many years as a pathologist at Kootenai Health before returning to Gonzaga University for a degree in Theology and Leadership. She has been ordained a priest in the Northwest Diocese of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion by Bishop Kedda Keough.

Reverend Terese has had a call to the priesthood for many years, and feels blessed that she was able to answer that call in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.  Ordination in the Catholic church has given Reverend Terese the opportunity to embody the change that she—and so many others—wish to see in the world.

About Community of the Holy Spirit

Community of the Holy Spirit is an authentic, inclusive Catholic faith community in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They are a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), a “community of communities” found across the U.S. and in Europe. They are committed to living out their faith in a way that celebrates their Catholic heritage while at the same time is inclusive and relevant to today’s troubled world. They believe that the Eucharist is a gift from God for healing, and as such, welcome all to the table of sharing. Their Communion ordains women and married individuals to the priesthood. They bless the marriages of committed couples regardless of gender or remarriage after divorce. They encourage and invite active involvement of the laity in the governance of the Communion. And being an ecumenical communion, they respect and recognize the truth of other faith traditions.



(Pictured from right to left: Bishop Kedda Keough, Rev. Terese Fandel and her family)