The Catholic diaspora: Independent communities as the church’s ‘research lab’

According to a 2008 Pew Research study, one of 10 U.S. adults is a former Catholic. Some have moved on to other denominations, others have no church affiliation at all, still others have formed their own communities of former Catholics. In this five-part series, former NCR editor Tom Roberts examines the choices many former Catholics have made as they decided to move away from the institutional church.

Reverend Brown’s story, as much as any individual’s might, sheds light on characteristics common among independent eucharistic communities, outside the institutional Roman Catholic Church, that have emerged in the Catholic diaspora:

    • An almost unqualified openness to everyone, including LGBTQ+ individuals;
    • An acceptance of women leaders;
    • An unconditional welcome to the Eucharist, including many who would be excluded in traditional Catholic parishes;
    • An easy association with other Christian denominations and other faiths;
    • A more democratic approach to decision-making than would be found in most Catholic parishes;
    • A deep commitment to social justice expressed in robust ministries in the wider community.

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